Our Wines

‘Montefalco – Land of Wine’ is a slogan perfectly illustrated by Tabarrini. Sagrantino is a stalwart of Montefalco’s identity, thanks to different vinifications of the vineyards to create Crus that illustrate the language of the area with distinctive accents. In addition to Sagrantino, other varieties and labels are flourishing resulting in an array of wines made up of a number of key players. From Montefalco Rosso, another wonderful wine of the same area in which Sangiovese excels to the rediscovery of Grero (an ancient Umbrian black grape variety) and the great whites. Trebbiano Spoletino is one of these highlighting Tabarrini as a pioneer in rediscovery and dedication.

Other products



Tabarrini’s delicious and superior quality olive oil is pressed from the moraiolo, leccino and frantoiano olive varieties which are naturally high in antioxidants – all born from a family dedicated to bringing Montefalco’s traditions to your table.


Our exceptional stoneground, type 1 flour is cultivated from ancient varieties of wheat grown in fields where the use of chemical products is banned. This noble flour is perfect for pasta, pizzas and desserts – a key ingredient for many Italian dishes.