The wine

Tabarrini is a master at producing artisanal wines of great quality and a unique style. Sagrantino is a stalwart of Montefalco’s identity, thanks to its method of production and separate vinifications of the area’s best vineyards to create Crus that illustrate the language of the area with distinctive accents. In addition to Sagrantino, other varieties and labels are flourishing resulting in an array of wines made up of a number of key players.


The Montefalco landscape is extraordinarily beautiful – its hills dotted with vineyards, olive groves and ancient villages. Tabbarini is located in Turrita, a well-known village of the area. The vineyard comes first for the family. As a direct expression of the land, the climate and the toil of many hands, it’s instrumental to the making of their great wines. The Tabarrini family devotes the utmost energy, skill and knowledge to its vines with a focus on quality and sustainability. The various plots of land, spread throughout Montefalco, combine to create a mosaic of mixed tiles and a strong identity.


At the heart of Tabarrini lies the wine cellar. A magical place where the fruits of Mother Nature combine with the work of the human hand and knowledge of the mind to create wonderful wines. Over time, the family has built, developed and transformed the cantina to become the beautiful, functional space it is today. It is spread across different levels in a perfect architectural style as the stage for a fusion of ideas that find form in insight and conversation.


We’re delighted to welcome friends and enthusiasts to our wine cellar to give a glimpse in all its glorious detail into our world and demonstrate our passion and the fruits of our labour. We’ve developed an ‘open’ space for an immersive experience to experience where our wines are created and laid down, to discover stories and secrets – all against the picturesque backdrop of the surrounding hills, vineyards, valleys and ancient villages.


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