About us

Tabarrini is one of the best-known and most respected artisan wine producers in Montefalco with its vineyards and wine cellar located in and around Turrita. Giampaolo – who represents the fourth generation of the farmers of the Tabarrini family – is a passionate and eccentric winemaker and master and architect of this uncompromising and developing project. A great visionary who remains true to himself while striving for change, Giampaolo has, since taking over his parents’ farm in the late ‘90s, transformed it into the extraordinary success story it is today. The company that bears his name reflects his character – constantly moving in search of perfection and fresh challenges, with a dynamism that’s focused on the future but with the confidence of being founded on strong roots – on their own land, while upholding the Tabarrini family values passed through the generations, as well as the local traditions.


The vineyard comes first. As the foundation for making great wines, our vineyards are a direct expression of the land, the climate and our work. The Tabarrini family devotes the utmost energy, skill and knowledge to its vines with a focus on quality and sustainability. The various plots of land, spread throughout Montefalco, combine to create a mosaic of mixed tiles and a strong identity. Every Cru is worked in a different way defined by the characteristics of the terroir, but always with great care and attention. We treat every grape with respect and pride, starting with Sagrantino. The stalwart of history and territoriality, this native variety is without comparison, as is Trebbiano Spoletino for white wines. As a continuation of work started many years ago, cultivation of this variety was the result of a great deal of clonal selection, followed by the planting of new, proprietary vineyards in a pioneering way. To produce a wine that meets their exacting standards, Tabarrini matures the grapes gradually to harvest them later than average for the area. Fifteen of the estate’s twenty-two hectares are vineyards.


A magical place where the fruits of nature are transformed into wine by human skill and sensibility. To meet the company’s goals and needs, the cellar has been built, extended and transformed over time to become the exceptionally beautiful and functional space it is today. Split over different levels, it’s both practical and architectural – a fusion of ideas that find form in intuition and interaction. To fulfil its role as a place to create and preserve, its design is linear, spacious, ordered and functional. Individually designed and meticulously constructed, its features and details make it perfect. The philosophy on production is as simple as it is meticulous – to enhance the grapes the grapes with minimal intervention and no shortcuts. Fermentations are spontaneous, without using yeast and macerations quite lengthy, as per tradition. The wines are decanted by gravity alone and without pumps to avoid stressing the wine. Maturation takes place in large oak barrels with stops in the bottle completing the work.


While Giampaolo Tabarrini is the dynamo of the cellar, nothing would be possible without his family and a team of close-knit collaborators. Federica, his partner in life and the business, is a key figure who successfully puts order and rationale into Giampaolo’s thoughts and ideas – of which there are many – helping to channel his energy. Their young son Filippo also demonstrates a growing interest during his visits to the cellar. His time will come… Alessandro Meniconi, resident winemaker, takes great care of every single detail of production, right from the bunch to the bottle. He tends the wines and shares them with the world when the time is right – all in partnership with oenologist Emiliano Falsini, friend of 20+ years and now almost a brother. In the cellar, Uncle Angelo uses his experience, skill and devotion in support of every operation. His wife Peppa often pops in ‘with breakfast’ – although we all think it’s more a ploy to watch over her husband! She often helps with bottling and any job where speed and craft are key.

Outside is Mattia, our young tractor driver, whose mission is to weave the rows with the vineyard a part of his DNA. Overseeing the secretarial and accounting side is Michela, Federica’s sister, who spends the days with her head in numbers and data. Last but not least, are Giampaolo’s parents, Franca and Nello, always on hand with their support and wisdom. All unite to make a loyal, passionate and happy team in constant search for the utmost quality. The contribution is universal – everyone has a hand and a say in everything – from early in the season in the vineyard to bottling to the presentation of Tabarrini’s latest wines…

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